Prusa Mendel Printed Parts Kits

We can provide a full set of the printed parts for your Prusa Mendel printer.

Please Note:

  • We guarantee that all parts are manufactured with sufficient quality to achieve good prints after proper calibration. Any part that, due to a manufacturing problem, prevents you from achieving good quality prints will be replaced free of charge.
    However, the design of the parts is not guaranteed. We have exercised due diligence in selecting parts that will allow you to build a fully functional "prusa mendel" 3D printer capable of producing good prints, however buyer must ensure that the models are sized correctly, will match the rest of their kit, etc.
  • While we provide printed pulleys in the kit, aluminium or delrin machined pulleys are superior. I strongly recommend that you obtain matching machined pulleys when you buy your belts.
  • We will happily substitute parts for those of your choosing, eg felt X-ends for felt bushings, or even the old spiral bushings, or regular gears for Greg's Accessible Wade rather than herringbone. Usually this will not alter the cost, but please contact first to confirm.

Standard Parts List

Our standard list is as follows:

Major Parts:
Connectors, Clamps, Couplers and Bushings:

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