Create3D Instructions and Kit Listings

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3D Modellers:


Convert 3D model to layered gcode toolpath
  • Slic3r - Start with this one
  • SFACT - Simplified skeinforge.
  • SkeinForge - All the knobs and dials
  • E3D - Super fast, nowhere near as many features as sfact and skeinforge.
  • WebSkein - Incomplete.


Send layered gcode toolpath to printer.


Install on printer, converts gcode toolpath to stepper pulses and heater control
  • Sprinter - The tried+true favourite. Start with this one.
  • Marlin - has move blending for smoother+faster corners
  • Teacup - Pioneered many techniques, less popular than Sprinter or Marlin
  • SJFW - Numerous experimental features, pushing the envelope.
  • Matt Roberts' Firmware - First to implement Extruder Advance, an important algorithm for high speed printing

Australian Parts Suppliers

  • AusXMods - Get your stepper motors and drivers here - specifically 5xNEMA17 motor, and 4xA4983 carrier
  • OzBot
  • Little Bird Electronics - Supplies the slightly more robust A4988 carrier board ("pololu")
  • EMakerShop - not strictly an Australian site, but many Australian RepRappers sell their parts here